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The Spirit of Gastronomy

Biztronomy is a mission company operating mainly in Europe, offering workshops, courses, articles and other services.

The values of Gastronomy constitute the framework for these services. They constitute a baseline to promote discussion, debate and learning between employees, students and citizens.

Workshops, seminars and other activities are offered to companies looking to give meaning to their events. Activities cover all aspects of Gastronomy, from team-building through cooking to education through wine tasting or cultural enrichment through the lens of gastronomic history.

Values are the fundamental building block of any endeavor. By exploring how team members perceive these values, everyone is better armed to cooperate and succeed.

The end result is sustainability through debate, tolerance, quality and holism.

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Enlightenment on the spirit of gastronomy,
tips for the business dinner
Inspiration from the
people who made it happen
as a perspective and a template

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