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Gastronomy for a Better World

Sharing - We are social animals. Sharing can be learned, and giving and receiving require constant practice. The table lends itself to this, and applies as much to ideas as to pleasures.

Listening - We can hardly get along if we don't know how to listen to each other. Time at the table is a parenthesis that gives everyone time to express themselves, leaving judgment in the checkroom.

Effort - The energy expended, the fight against inertia, the work and its fruit. The path is not an effort; the effort is the path.

Free will - Being convinced that the individual is only human because he transforms, whether his nature or matter. Humans are responsible for their own food.

Continuous improvement - being convinced that we must always strive to improve and surpass ourselves, each at our own pace.

Attention to Detail - believing that greatness requires the ability to focus on the infinitely small.

Excellence - Appreciating excellence, recognizing it, respecting it, and respecting each person's pace and abilities.

Pragmatism - Just as gastronomy cannot do without food, ideas cannot develop without awareness of reality.

Transmission - Knowing how to help those who wish to learn and grow, without condescension or arrogance, and helping them in uncomfortable situations, when things go wrong.

Mindfulness - Gastronomy is a quest for mindfulness, of the effort that others have put into the environment and the cuisine.

Sustainable - Gastronomy, by prioritizing quality over quantity, by emphasizing individual rather than machine effort, and by valuing freshness and proximity, helps create a virtuous, sustainable circle.

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