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Here are a few ideas of articles linking business to gastronomy

Technological Plateau - Business, Spirit, Manners
Is there a plateau to manners as there are technological plateaux? The imperative to have constant social improvements pushes to extremes that may create an imbalance at a holistic level. Indeed, wanting to have the two genders either converge

Peter’s Principle applied to the kitchen - Business (Management)
Can we seriously promote with as much ease a poor cook as we may promote a poor manager?

Quantity or Quality - Business (Strategy)
Most North Americans have experienced roasting their marshmallow over a summer camp fire, turning the soggy form at the end of a stick. Those were great times and never back then did I wonder why I couldn’t possibly eat the mushy thing without a minimum of brown crust. The fact of the matter is that it didn’t taste good.
This is an article about the economics of marshmallows.
The gastronome sees the potential in every product

Give the Lady what she wants…or should we? - Business, Spirit
How Gastronomy is maybe turning the table on traditional marketing methods. Take for instance the restaurant in New York refusing access to customers without a jacket. What is the trend in terms of responding to a customer’s every whim?

High-end penetration - Business
Market access through low-end or high end
Gastronomy was born on the wreckage of French aristocracy. This is the perfect argument for those who want to attack a market from the high end.

Exigence - Business, Spirit
Being demanding. How to use the demanding people within our market segment? Are they the « innovators » as described by Rogers?

Ecosystems - Business
Paris constituted an excellent ecosystem for Gastronomy to blossom : proximity of fresh produce, year long access, financing (aristocracy & then bourgoisie), a demanding clientèle, a predisposition to pleasure
Jules César
Décrit la Gaule comme un garde manger

Innovation - Business
Old is New. Difference between what is « physically » or physiologically impossible and what we are not accustomed to. How to make the difference? Have an innocent child give a swing at it?
Surf & Turf

Maslow - Business
Let’s try out Maslow’s pyramid to test it on the overarching direction of eating with at its top what I would call the pinnacle, gastronomy.

Tolerance to Error - Business
Is greater in different fields. In moral conduct and in gastronomy. With a heavy weight on moral conduct, one may want to relax at the end of the day.

The new Gastronomes - Trends
Is the modern American enthusiasm akin to that of the new bourgeoisie?

The conversation - Manners
Not too scientific, not too pragmatic, light-hearted and pleasurable. Just like Biztronomy

Food free lunch - Spirit
I realize this is an uphill battle as the fundamentals of gastronomy is sharing, thus a collective effort, and certainly not focused on the individual.  Recently I heard of a dating app that was dedicated to people who don’t eat gluten. How do you transpose this to the business world? In Rome do as the Romans : it seems business has been usually bent on living as the others, if only to obtain some orders.
Recently, our minister of finance invited an ecologist for a good steak after having admitted tasting a veggie burger. She declined.

French Productivity - Business
Is it linked to lunch? Would the hour or hour and half spent for lunch contribute to a positive business approach?

Cycle - Business
Esperanto had no cycle. Gastronomy does. Cycle is fundamental.



We're also working on some other fun projects where ideas and input can be of help! Such as, why not make a Guest Evaluation Platform for restaurants to evaluat guests! ;) Or how to evaluate an...evaluation platform.

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