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Nurturing the business mind

Food and Drink

Organizing a seminar and you're looking for new ideas? You want to give meaning and values to the event?

Make it like a good meal : pleasurable and where people share! Give your team business insight through the fun of gastronomy. Explain process, IP, culture, and many other facets of business through the art of gastronomy and its values!

Courses for Business Schools

Courses given comprise History of French Gastronomy, French Gastronomic Art of Living, Digital Transformation of Hospitality. Typical length is 16h and can be given worldwide, in presence or by visioconference, in English or French.

Contact us for a Syllabus or discover

our presentation video.

House with Balcony
Fresh Croissants
Fresh Croissants

Business in France

Looking to develop your business in France? Need some contacts, legal support or consulting? Biztronomy is proud to be sponsored by Cirrus IM, an innovation consulting company based in France. Since 2005, Cirrus IM has consulted for over 100 companies helping them develop business through innovation in product, services and processes.

Or you are just a business lunch to understand the lay of the land?  Send us a message and we'll get back to you quickly.

How much is there to know?

Try out our quiz to discover how much you know about gastronomy!

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