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Biztronomy Member Oath

By joining Biztronomy, I agree to the following:

1. To stay at the table and listen fully and extensively to all ideas, as crazy as they may seem, until the end of the supper (except of course what is prohibited by law in the most open countries supportive of free speech).

2. To share with fellow members tips and recommendations about good restaurants in my home city.

3. To address business matters only on the condition of inviting and after a minimum time of disinterested and enjoyable conversation.

4. To show curiosity and openness.

5. To contribute by suggesting ideas for articles, services, seminars that will nourish the Biztronomy circle.

6. That these conditions may evolve if necessary to make the collective experience more enjoyable.

7. That Biztronomy reserves the right, at its discretion, to terminate any membership in case the spirit and the rules are not respected.

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