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Chris Silva

Rejuvenating Ageing

Giving time to wine

Cris Silva, Barcelona, vintage 1984, is a "wine storyteller".


She has been telling wine stories since the world of sommellerie first captivated her. Over the years, she worked as a wine waiter in Barcelona and Paris, harvested in Champagne and Alsace and then recommended wines as a caviste or cellar-master, until she specialized in wine collecting and old vintages.


She likes to repeat, "Keep this bottle for a few years and you'll see...".


Addicted to crime novels in which the characters eat and drink wine, her greatest passion is collecting gourmet books. Cris writes her weekly newsletter Querid@ Coleccionista on Substack, a matured source of inspiration for collectors of wines about la table, wine bars, wine list and, of course, books in which wine is featured.

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