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Perfect Egg


Jul 24, 2023

or the battle between ChatGPT and the French Rooster

Europe in general and France in particular are always complaining about how much the US has a strong lead in A.I., information technology and the hardware that goes with it. In the 70’ they used to say, In France we don’t have oil, but we have ideas. Nowadays, it could be: « In France we don’t have IT, but we have ideas ». So what better way to brush off this technological languor than to use some humor combined with a bit of wishful thinking?

The question asked on the add « How about that ChatGPT, can you do that? » showing a hen laying a fresh egg, quickly reminds us of the pride the French hold in their agriculture. Fresh, natural, cooperative. Yes, because Loué is a cooperative, and the name rings a bell in every French ear.

Beyond this, the quirky new add reminds...

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