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Vote for the Golden Gastronomer!

While chefs are rewarded, few people bother to reward the discerning gourmets who, by celebrating cuisine and good food in all its forms, contribute to the perpetuation and growth of gastronomy.

We've turned the tables, and now instead of the restaurant, it is the Gastronomer we reward, and the restaurants that give their opinion. Chefs, maîtres de salle, sommeliers and other restaurant professionals can propose their champion..

Do you have a great Gastronomer who has visited your restaurant? Is there one you've accompanied to restaurants and who left you in awe by his or her intestinal and spiritual dexterity? Let us know using the attached form.

First, tell us a bit about yourself. Are you proposing as an individual or restaurant?

Now, about the candidate you want to propose. If he or she prefers to keep remain anonymous, please provide a nickname.

Your nominee - votre Nominé

Votre Gastronome/Your Gastronomer

1 - Reconnait la qualité de vos produits avant transformation.

Recognizes the quality of your raw products before transformation.

2 - Reconnait l'effort qui a été fait, en salle et en cuisine.

Recognizes the effort that has been made in the kitchen as well as in the dinning room.

3 - Montre avec discernement son plaisir, le partage et le fait ressortir chez les autres. Shows with good taste his or her pleasure and knows how help others express their own.

4 - Montre de la verve sans emphase ni fioriture.

Shows liveliness without excess or useless embellishment.

5 - Se pare d'un style vestimentaire adapté qui fait éloge à la cuisine et au lieu.

Dresses in a style adapted to the event and that heightens the cuisine and the place.

6 - Affiche des manières qui montrent une conscience, que ce soit en mangeant les crustacés avec les doigts ou effiler une sole.

Shows awareness in manners, whether when eating with his fingers or cutting up sole.

7 - Montre de la prévenance pour les dineurs moins aguerris.

Shows thoughtfulness for the less experienced.

8 - Sais déployer son exigence avec tact. 

Knows how to express exigence with tact

9 - A un sens du cérémonial, reconnait que tout bon repas est un rituel

Has a sense of the ceremony, recognizes that all great dinners comprise ritual.

10 - Fais aimer au chef et son équipe leur métier/donne plaisir à l'amphitryon à accueillir.

Makes chefs and their team love their job, gives pleasure in inviting to the amphitryon.

Note globale/Global note


Merci d'avoir participé au Gastrodor!
Résultats & remise des prix
13 septembre 2024!

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