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Genesis of Biztronomy

The origins of Biztronomy lie in courses for business school students. As part of a program offered by Maison Lenôtre, the aim was to give students from all over the world a global perspective on French gastronomy.

To make the courses more accessible, examples drawn from the world of business were used to better convey some of the main principles of gastronomy.

Biztronomy extends this notion of bridges, to build a more attentive and sustainable world, proposing values that enrich humanity through knowledge and exchange.

Quickly it became clear that, beyond its practical benefits, gastronomy offers strong values that can inspire entrepreneurs, managers and employees alike.

Our Vision

Biztronomy is a new vision of gastronomy. It's mission is to promote the spirit, notably through conversation so as to make it a bridge between cultures.

Biztronomy is a Circle of individuals promoting the interaction between gastronomy and business.This circle aims to become a mission company promoting the values and best practices of gastronomy. Gastronomy is cooked up as a vector both to help understand business as well as to develop business ties.

As in business, there are codes in gastronomy. We think these codes are universal and can become a fundamental language for people throughout the globe.

I offer my body and soul to gastronomy!

Gastronomy is a matter of mind and spirit.

Business through Gastronomy

Introduction to BiztronomyPhilippe
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What better tool for business than a good meal? Where else can we discover, understand, build trust or compromise? What better combination to reflect upon two opposing strategies of business : volume or quality ?


Biztronomy is dedicated to shedding a new light on gastronomy, in particular from France, by exploring its evolution over a millennium.


Through gastronomy we can understand culture, innovation, management, people and processes and ultimately gain a balanced Weltanschauung comprising a search for quality and the necessity of efficiency.


Where else do we have to balance l'exigence of a refined meal with the necessity of punctuality ?


The way we eat is a reflection of our society. "The destiny of nations depends on how they nourish themselves" wrote Brillat-Savarin. Pushing it further, the harmony of nations passes by the table. It is where we share, build bonds, learn to offer and to receive. And those are the basics of business ever since trade existed.


The overall concept is the convergence of courses on gastronomy and a long experience in international business consulting with a focus on innovation. Please sign-in for the newsletter, make suggestions about topics, or comment on the posts.


Philippe Cartau, Chief Editor

Born in North America, I moved to France in the early 90s where I immediately started scrutinizing the French culture with a particular emphasis on gastronomy. Early on in my business career, I was naturally inclined to take out customers from around the world to dinner. Choosing the right venue, explaining the local culture, illustrating etiquette, detailing what made French gastronomy so peculiar. All of this became a regular activity, to the point where, in addition to consulting in technological innovation, I was asked to provide courses to business students on the subject of French Gastronomy. From there the concept of Biztronomy seemed obvious. Use business to understand Gastronomy in general and it French roots in particular. More...

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Philippe in front of Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
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